dinsdag 24 mei 2016


Hello guys!

There has happened something super exiting! My friend Her cat has had kittens! There are 5 in total and I asked her if I can come to her house to look at the kittens. I don't know the colours or if they have names, But I'm still super happy about it! I will try and make some cute pictures of the little ones. I am also going to ask my mom if we can keep one of them once they are old enough to leave their mummy. I already have a cat, but he is super sweet towards other cats and even dogs. And when we go on holiday and my gran comes to feed him, he wouldn't be so lonely. I just hope I can get another kittycat and rase him/her by myself because Syva, the cat that we have now, was adopted. And I do think it would be amazing to have a mini in our household! The only thing I am afraid of is that Syva would leave if we would take another kitty. So would appreciate if you guys would leave a comment about what you think. And feel free to look at my other posts if you haven't already!

I know this was a quick post, but I wanted to share the story with you guys! I think animals are amazing and wan't to have many of them. But not too many!

Lots of love!
Ponsie x

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  1. Today I am not going to upload a post because I have a lot of homework *sigh*. But I will try to upload tomorrow! See you then! x