zaterdag 21 mei 2016

Sweaty Hands

This may be a weird topic to talk about. But I really wanted to tell the world about this problem. Imagine yourself being embarrassed when you are holding hands with someone. Even highfiving becomes scary, because almost no-one will understand you and your clammy hands. That is the way I thought before I found out that clammy hands isn't a bad thing.

If you are feeling the same way, you will get why I was so self conscious when a person touched my hands. And during the summer it even gets worse and when I am in stress, it almost drips of my hands.

And I can't do anything about it myself because it is genatic. You can buy product that should help, but what if they dont help? Then you can get an operation, but I don't know if I want an operation. And it also is pretty expensif. So first, you are born with it. Second, you can't do anything about it unless you give out some/a lot of money.

But what is are clammy hands? It is called SPS, AKA Sweaty Palms Syndrom. It means that your sweat glands are overworking and produce to much sweat.

After a while, my best friends noticed I had sweaty palms. I thought they would think it was disgusting. But in reality, they just laughed a bit about it (in a good way) and just see it as a part of me. My best friend even ignores it when she holds my hand. This means that your friends and family aren't going to judge you, just because you happen to have SPS. And if it keeps bothering you, you can always get a surgery. But think really good about it. Is it worth it? Do you really want to get rid of it? Because if you don't mind your sweaty palms, then the people around you shouldn't mind it and just accept it. That is the way I look at it now. I think: okay, it isn't always fun. But it is a part of your body and a part you, so embrace it.

I hope you learned something about it. Leave a comment about your 'imperfections' and I will reply and give you tip! Be brave and tell our little community what you are thinking/feeling!

Ponsie xx

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