donderdag 16 juni 2016

A New Beginning

pov Louise

Everything looks colourfull, there are lights around me and I hear blasting music in my ears. My body is swaying and moving with the sounds of the beats. I look around and see everybody staring at me, my beautifull lang brown hair is moving like the ocean. My best friend is dancing next to me and I smil at her when our eyes meet. I see a twinkle in hers and know imediatly that she is drunk. Although I thing I'm drunk too.

I start laughing as my friend, Lucy, starts to move her body towards a good looking guy. This is why we came here, to have fun and find a cute guy for Lucy. As I see the boy smirking at her and talking to her, everything changes.

The lights, who were ones so beautifull, go out. I hear screaming people and my breath starts to go faster. Its feels like there is something pushing on my longs so I can't breath. That is the moment I smell the scent of fire. I look around to find Lucy and a way out of this building. But because of the drinks and the thick smoke, I can't see anything. My mind is starting to go black and it feels like the ground is coming towards me. Or am I going towards the ground?

The last thing hear is a voice next to me: "I will get you out of here."
Then everything goes black.


I wake up with a headache. I probably had a bit to much alcohol... I swirl around and try to get comfy again.
"I see you are awake" A soft voice next to me. That is when realisation hits me. My eyes fly open and I feel a pain behind them. First I can't see anythingn then my vision starts to clear up and I see handsome face in front of me.

who the fuck is this boy?

I crawl away from him and realise I am only wearing a way to big T-shirt and my underwear. So take the duvet and cover myself with it. As I am doing this, the creepy handsome guy is smirking at me and showing these cute dimples.

"Who are you? And where ar my clothes? Where even am I? Lucy! Where is Lucy!?" I shouted at him in horor. I needed to know where my best friend was. What if she couldn't get out the building and dindn't make it. With wory on my face I looked at mister hot in frond of me. Who wasn't laughing anymore. He was sitting on the bed with a serious look on his face.

"My name is Thomas. Your clothes are in the washing machine. You are at my and my friends place, in an appartment. And I asume Lucy is the girl who is in the room of my mate. I think they met at the party just before the fire." Lucy was okay, she was in this building, she is alright. My hands started to tremble, my breathing was short and I started to feel dizy.

"Are you okay?" I tried to focuse my gaze on his face, but evertuthing was going blury. I feld a warm hadn around my wrist and sudently I was infrond of Thomas. Our knees touchig. I looked into his eyes as was comforting me.

"Just take a deep breath. In. Out. That's it. Just try to relax." I was calming down and soon I was feeling alright.

"Can I see Lucy?" I asked Thomas. He had symphaty in his eyes and stood up, leading the way out of the room. I took a look around and realised it was actually still dark outside. We walked through a hallway and stopt in front of another door. Thomas pushed it open.

"Can we come in?" He wispered to womeone in the room. Probably his roommate. I heard a quiet yes and he pushed the door competely open. I ran inside, But strong arms stopped me.

"She is asleep, gorgious." I was now looking closely and saw that she did was asleep.


I hope you liked this little story of mine. Please let me know if you want me to continue 'A New Beginning'!

Ponsie x

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