donderdag 25 augustus 2016

I have something to tell you

I am sorry I haven't posted anything in so long. But life sometimes sucks... I was just not feeling that well so I didn't want to write anything. But now my friends have ditched me, you guys are the only ones I have left. I know my problems are not the worst there are in the world, but I still wanted to write about it.

So let me tell you the story so you will understand.
A few months ago, my friend started dating a guy (lets name her Marie and him Peter). I didn't like Peter from the beginning because he was rude. But I didn't tell Marie cause she is my BFF and I didn't want to screw up our friendship. So I kept quiet and only told my other closest friends and they feld the same way I did over Peter. Now (they have been together for over 3 months) she started to ditch me. She has done this 4 times in a row. I feld hurt because she was my best friend and she always said "Bro's before Hoe's"... Guess I soldn't have believed her. Yesterday, I asked if she was up for a sleepover. Again she couldn't come, but this time because of work. well that is what I thought. I asked her today if I cold come by on her work (she works in an icecream shop). Little did I know, she didn't need to work and was with Peter. The thing is, I feld more hurt that she didn't tell me than the fact that she was with him.
So that is what happened with her... All my other friends live pretty far away, and it is hard to get together with them.

Then the second part of why I am feeling a bit down.
you probably don't know the festival named Pukkelpop. But it is a 4 days festival in Belgium and it was the first time I got to go. I met a guy there. He is very handsome, sweet and he is my school next year. We kissed and I felt very happy with him. After the festival he texted me and we planned to go on a date. The day before the date he texted me and said that he wasn't ready for a relationship. My heart was ripped in pieces. I know I didn't know him that long, but still. He made me happy and I thought I made him happy too. I asked him why he texted me in the first place, he said he wasnt sure back then if we wanted a relationship or not. That was the last time I spoke to him... (This happened in this and the previous week, and today was supposed to be our date day.

Thank you for reading this. It felt good to write everything down and 'tell' someone.
If any of you ever experienced something like this, Please let me know, because I would love to get some advice.


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